Amazon Prime Video Mod APK 3.0.291 (Premium Unlocked)

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Amazon Prime Video Mod APK

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APP Overview

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK is a streaming service that allows members to watch TV shows and movies for Free. The video-streaming service is available on a variety of devices including Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, Fire TV, and Roku. It also provides access to Amazon’s own original programming for no additional cost. The best part about it is that you can download videos for offline viewing. So, you can save time and watch them later when you don’t have an Internet connection.

App Information

App Name Amazon Prime Video Mod APK
Version 3.0.289
Size 17MB
Mod Info Premium Unlocked
Developer Todd Spangler
Updated Feb 2021 (3 Hours Ago)

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Amazon Prime Video Premium Unlocked Features

Amazon Prime Video Premium Unlocked Features

  • Paid subscription unlocked.
  • Premium Features fully unlocked.
  • 4K +HDR quality support.
  • Chromecast + X-Rays Supported.
  • Support Many Languages
  • 150+ Subtitle language unlocked

Amazon Prime Video for Android

Amazon Prime Video for Android

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you’re in luck. You can download the official Amazon Prime Video app on your Android device and start watching your favorite movies, TV shows, and original programming.

It is a new way to watch and access your favorite movies, TV shows, and original programming. It’s also an opportunity to learn about the upcoming shows, movies, and original content that all Amazon Prime members will have access to.

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK is an incredibly popular streaming service, but it comes with a price. If you don’t want to pay for a subscription, there is another way download Amazon Prime Video Mod Apk, find a working mod apk, and enjoy all of your favorite shows and movies without spending a penny.

Features of Amazon Prime Video Premium APK

Watch Movies for Free

Watch Movies for Free

No longer are you limited to watching movies for free on Prime Video only during the day. Amazon has actually made it so you can watch movies during the night as well. You can actually sign up for an Amazon Prime trial and watch movies online during the night time, and on Prime Video too!

Download Movies or TV Shows for Free

Download Movies or TV Shows for Free

It’s pretty darn easy to download movies and TV shows onto your phone or tablet if you’re subscribed to a Prime membership. Just head to the Movies section on the Kindle, Fire TV or Android Amazon App, pick the movie or TV show you want and you’re good to go.

Unlimited Streaming

Unlimited Streaming​

The Amazon Prime membership includes unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows and unlimited streaming on Prime Video (and it is definitely free to sign up for the membership right now, just make sure you read the fine print). The Amazon Prime app also allows you to save the titles you don’t want to watch, so that’s kind of a big deal if you have a ton of titles to watch (and you can delete the titles that you want to delete at any time).

Chromecast Feature

Chromecast Feature

Amazon announced its Prime Video app is coming to Google Chromecast today. Prime Video allows you to watch content from the huge Amazon Prime video library, which has the biggest selection of movies and TV shows.

With this amazing features you can watch your favorite shows and movies on Big screen. This features let you to enjoy 150+ Channel for free.

Amazon X-Ray Feature

Amazon X-Ray Feature

Are you an Amazon Prime Video Mod APK user? Then you should know that Amazon has launched a new feature called “Amazon X-Ray for Movies and TV”, which allows you to stream videos in HD quality.

This APP is the best way to watch your favorite movies and TV shows, plus unlimited ad-free music. Now you can cast Prime Video from your phone or tablet to your TV using a Chromecast and with the X-ray feature.

Watch Movies in 4K

Watch Movies in 4K

Everyone in this world like to watch movies in high quality. In this modern era 4K quality considered to be the best of one. This app offer 4K quality support for free.

You can watch your desired shows and movies in high quality.

Support Many Languages

Support Many Languages

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK provides movies in All language include: English, English dub, Chinese, Indonesian, Hindi, Hindi dub, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Vietnamese and, any more.

The Mobile Viewing Experience

The Mobile Viewing Experience

Another key feature of Amazon Prime Video is the company’s selection of apps that allow you to watch your content on an Android, iOS, and Amazon Fire devices. While other streaming video services also offer apps for their services, Amazon’s apps are all extremely well-made, with a clean and polished look and a good selection of content.

All of them work offline, and they use the device’s native video player rather than their own apps, which saves you from having to download a whole bunch of extra software and is a great boon for anyone with limited space on their device.

The Play in Background Feature

The Play in Background Feature

While we’re on the subject of apps, there’s one more thing that’s worth mentioning: Amazon’s use of the Play Store, which allows it to offer up a number of apps to download, some of which have Prime support built in. On Android, the Amazon Video app has a small “Play in background” button in the upper-left corner that lets you keep watching while the rest of the app is still running in the background. It’s a convenient way to watch something while you do other things, without having to worry about pausing, closing, or finding a good place to sit down to watch it.

The Games

The Games

Once the video library is out of the way, you can easily turn to Amazon for its growing selection of games. The company has been offering a number of different consoles for sale on its site, including the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One S, and PlayStation 4, all of which you can use with your Amazon Prime Video Mod APK.

Of course, the Amazon platform is also popular for playing all sorts of PC games, and the company recently partnered with Bethesda Softworks to release Elder Scrolls Legends, a turn-based strategy game available on PC and on the Nintendo Switch. Other games that you can play with Amazon Prime subscribers include NBA 2K18, Minecraft: Story Mode – Season 1, and Octodad: Dadliest Catch.

The Music

The Music

The idea of a streaming music service has existed for a long time. Spotify was there first, and the success of that service led to an entirely new genre of music streaming service, which is quickly gaining in popularity as its functionality improves. Amazon has its own music streaming service as well, called Amazon Music Unlimited, and it’s a well-designed service that is tied to your Amazon Prime account.

Not only does it offer a decent selection of music, but it’s also tiered in a similar way to the music subscription services like Spotify and Apple Music. Amazon Music Unlimited offers family and student plans, which essentially allows you to subscribe to the service for a fixed number of people in your family or a certain number of friends.

Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix

Amazon Prime Video VS Netflix

I know you’ve heard about the great deals Amazon offers on movies and TV shows, but here’s another bonus deal that will blow your mind. We’re going to take a closer look at the similarities and differences between both services and decide for ourselves which one is the best.



Both Prime Video and Netflix have their own wide selection of films and TV shows, but some of their titles are quite different. Netflix has a more diverse set of available titles, but I’m sure most of you would disagree with me. Meanwhile, Amazon offers a small selection of niche titles, such as art house and foreign films.

Feature Bases

Feature Bases​

If you’re a regular reader, you may have noticed that Amazon has a higher number of films on their streaming service. I’m going to show the numbers to support my claim, but don’t be surprised to see that the numbers add up to more than 100 films, as each service offers slightly different movies.

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK has 4,100+ titles on the service, whereas Netflix offers 10,000+ titles. Both of these figures represent both movies and TV series.



Like Amazon, Netflix offers various categories to choose from, which can help you narrow your search for content. The company lists the categories on their website under the “feature groups” heading. In Amazon’s case, the categories are further grouped by genre, while Netflix presents their categories under the “Featured” category.

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK Categories

  • History and Biography

  • Classics

  • British

  • Comedy

  • Classics

  • Foreign

  • Fantasy

  • Horror

  • Jaws

  • Movie Noir

  • Mystery/Thriller

  • Romance

  • Military

  • Top 40 Movies and TV Shows

  • Top 10 Movies

  • Top 10 TV Shows

Netflix features categories

  • Action

  • Dark Comedy

  • Documentary

  • Documentary Series

  • Documentary Teens

  • Drama

  • Mystery and Thriller

  • Mystery Comedies

  • Psychological Thrillers

  • Romantic Comedies

  • Sci-Fi & Fantasy

  • Sci-Fi Thrillers

  • Theatrical Documentaries

  • Theatrical Dramas

TV Shows

TV Shows

Netflix also offers TV shows on their streaming service. The category, like the movie category, is divided into a “best available” and “some favorites.” So, if you’re looking for the best TV shows available, you can browse their best available categories, as well as their “Some Favorites.”

Amazon Prime Video Mod APK has a far greater selection of movies and TV shows on their streaming service than Netflix, and that’s not even taking into account the classic and TV movies that are available through Amazon’s Prime Video service. On top of that, Amazon Prime offers some of the best features, such as free shipping, the Amazon Channels package, etc.

In the end, the choice comes down to what you want. If you want to watch classic films on the service, then you may be disappointed. While Netflix offers some of the best deals in terms of cheaper movies than anywhere else, the focus of the service has shifted from original content to original shows. Amazon Prime Video, on the other hand, has a far better selection of both movies and TV shows, though their selection of movies seems to have a bit of a following.

How to Install Amazon Prime VIdeo?

  • Step1: Open Apk File

    Go to our provide download button and click on the button to download the apk file.

  • Step 2: Required Settings

    Then go to you Phone Setting. Then tap on security. In this page you have to enable unknown source option in order to install an application which is downloaded outside of the play Store.

  • Step 3: Find application

    Then go to your file manager and then search for the file that you have downloaded.

  • Step 4: Installation

    Just click on the application and then click on install button.

  • Step 5: Things to Remember

    Click on the yes button if a pop up opens. Otherwise, you just need to click on install and you have successfully installed your Amazon Prime Video modded version.

Why Amazon Amazon Prime Video Mod APK is the Best Streaming Service for Millennials?

Why Amazon Amazon Prime Video Mod APK is the Best Streaming Service for Millennials?

As more and more people cut the cord and cancel their cable subscriptions, it’s time to look at the best streaming services to watch free movies and TV shows online. For those who are looking for a way to stream free movies and TV shows online, Amazon Prime Video is the best option.

Mostly Asked Questions

How to get Amazon Prime Video Paid Subscription for free?

You cannot get paid subscription without paying. But the solution of this problem is that you can download modded version of amazon prime video to get paid features for free.

Can I Use Amazon Prime modified version on Android TV?

No, you cannot use this apk on android TV. Because it is an APK file and android TV does not support this type of File.

Is modded version of Amazon prime Safe to use?

Yes, our provided files are fully secure and save to use. Privacy is our priority and we always take care of our user privacy.

Amazon Prime Video Premium Mod APK For Android

Amazon Prime Video Premium Mod APK For Android

Why are you waiting? Let’s smash the download button and enjoy. Download Amazon Prime Video Mod APK and enjoy the premium subscription of amazon video for free. Happy streaming!

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