Gb Whatsapp Advantages And Disadvantages

Gb Whatsapp Advantages And Disadvantages

Gb Whatsapp Advantages And Disadvantages In today’s post we will tell you in detail what are the advantages of this application and what are the disadvantages of this application. Should be avoided or use.

GB WhatsApp works in the same way as WhatsApp but this application is considered to have a lot of new functions which makes GB WhatsApp much more important and Able to perform tasks more than a normal WhatsApp.

Gb Whatsapp FEATURES And Advantages

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  • You can close the last scene of a particular slave
  • You can share a 50 MB video file in this application.
  • You can also share the application
  • Now you can share up to 90 images at once instead of ten
  • You can now share 100MB audio instead of 16MB audio
  • You can also lock this application
  • You can finish the last scene for anyone
  • Inside you will find many ways to protect privacy
  • You will be able to change the icon in this application
  • You can also change the notification icon
  • You can also make the Blue ticket Hide

Gb Whatsapp Disadvantages

Many people say that one hundred percent is absolutely safe for you but some people also say that this application is not safe for you, if you want you can get all your data through this application. Because we do not see the source code. When you install this application, there is no guarantee that they can view all the settings of your mobile through .

They can see all your numbers. There is your message and everything you are doing will be in their eyes. Everyone has their own opinion that this application is safe but someone says that this application is not safe or safe. Don’t comment on it. Wanted because I don’t know so much I didn’t open the source code of Gb Whatsapp.

All I know is that you can install Gb Whatsapp on your mobile if you want, considering their Advantages.

But it can also be a threat to your data. No one does anything that does not benefit them. If this application is making money in other ways, then it is not a threat to you. For example, if it is promoting another application or showing it through a sponsorship, we can have some consolation that its only source of income is advertising for ADS.

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