GB Whatsapp Pro APK Download Latest Version 2021

Hey Guys! Today we are going to talk about GB whatsapp pro apk. We have many question in our mind about GB whatsapp latest version. If you are thinking that can I use this app in my android phone?

Well dear, GB whatsapp is an app that provides you some advance level feature of whatsapp that original whatsapp is not providing you.

Today, we will take a look at the pros and corns of GB whatsapp.

We also talk about some advantages and disadvantages of GB whatsapp.

Features of GB Whatsapp

Table Of Contents

  • Auto Reply
  • Add Stylish Fonts
  • Copy Status
  • Send Max files
  • Broadcast Messages Feature
  • Hide Last Seen
  • Hide Online Status
  • Filter chat Messages
  • Change Background
  • Share Your Location
  • Unlimited Themes
  • Select All Chat from Home Page
  • Pin 3 or More Chats
  • Finger Print Security Lock
  • Change Bubble & Tick Style
whatsapp pro apk

We have covered all of these features in detail. Scroll Down and Read these features in Deatil.

What is GB Whatsapp?

GB whats app is an app that will add some additional features to your original whatsapp.

Some people think that this version of whatsapp is one of the product of original whatsapp.

But my friend! Its not true.

Original version is totally different from this version. Its Original whatsapp holder is Facebook.

While GB whatsapp pro apk is not controlled by FB. This apk is developed by a private developer.

This apk is totally different from original one. Always keeps in mind that original one is more safe.

Because we know that who created this app and how safe is this for us.

We cannot believe any private holder developer. Original whatsapp version has its own privacy protection. While we don’t know who created this GB whatsapp pro apk.

Even we don’t know that our data is safe or not in GB.

What GB whatsapp does?

It will add some additional cool features in your website. It will provide you some cool and best feature that original one don’t have.

It will allow to send big size files, Hide your status, Add effect and give you some amazing fonts.

I have provide you all of the amazing feature that will help you to better understand GB whatsapp apk.

We are going to take a look at some amazing features of this apk. Official version of whatsapp is not providing all of these features.

Also Download Popluar and amazing stickers for GB Whatsapp

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.dstukalov.walocalstoragestickers&hl=en ]

Features Of GB Whatsapp Pro APK

Features Of GB Whatsapp
whatsapp pro apk

Auto Reply:

This features will help you to auto reply someone. So, by using this amazing features you can reply any of your friend at any time.

Hide Your status:

By using this version you can hide your online status from others. Yah! You remain online but your other friends cannot see your status. But you can!

DND Features:

This features is super amazing!

While you are using some other app in your android. But you don’t want to get disturb by whatsapp messages from anyone you can enable and use this DND feature.

Filter Chat Messages

By using this feature you can remove or clear your chat messages anytime. Only GB whatsapp latest version is providing you this feature.

Change Background

You can change your whatsapp background by using its background changer option.

You can also place some image or any kind of DP in your whatsapp background.

Copy Someone Status

Yes! You can copy the status of your contact by simply tapping on their status.

Send All Files

By using this amazing feature you can send any type of file to anyone.
Official whatsapp version is not providing you to send some big files to anyone.

It does not allow send apk file formats to anyone.

Broadcast Messages

In original version you can send broadcast messages to anyone but this feature is limited ( 250 broadcast messages).

In GB whatsapp latest version you can send broadcast message to 600 people.

That is super cool that amazing for a whatsapp user.

Share Location

You can share your live location to your friends at anytime and from anywhere.

Send large Status

Original whatsapp will allow you to set your status in 139 characters. While it this GB apk you will set your status in 255 characters.

Add Effects

User can add some cool and amazing effects to his pictures and messages. This features will add some beauty to your pics, videos and messages.
Unlimited themes

In GB whatsapp pro apk latest version you can add some amazing themes and stickers.

This feature in now enabled in its new version you can set this themes according to your interest.

Send Max. Files

In GB version of whatsapp you can send up-to 90 pics at a time. Additionally, you can send 50MB video clip and 100 MB Audio clip to your friends.

Cool Fonts

If you are a regular whatsapp user, you can now stop using regular whatsapp font.

They are boring and now its time to upgrade yourself.

Install this apk and enjoy some amazing font style. Set your font style according to your interest.

Select All Chat

Now you can select all of of chatting messages from your whatsapp home screen.

Mark Unread Messages

You can mark your read messages from the notation by using this amazing features.

Notify You

This feature will send you a notification when someone change his profile picture.

More Extra Features

  • Pin more than 3 chats.
  • Show your contact in different tab styles.
  • You can change the theme of this app.
  • Change bubble and tick style.
  • Select your desire language.


All of this features are not avaliable in original version. If you want to enjoy these features you have to download GB whatsapp pro apk latest version.


  • Require internet connection.
  • Access to your gallery.
  • Device identity.
  • Location of your Device.

How to Install GB whatsapp?

We will cover this topic in just 5 simple step. This is going to be very simply and easy.


Go to your android mobile setting. Tap on security and enable unknown resources.

This feature will allow you to install app that are not avaliable in Play store.

Step 2:

Uninstall original and install the GB whatsapp apk.

Step 3:

Open it and sign up or log in to your account.

Step 4:

Enter your OTP number which you will receive through your provided number.

Step 5:

Click on OK and Boom! You are on.

Your GB whatsapp is now ready to use. Set up your setting according to your requirement.

GB whatsapp for iphone

Everyone is searching for this on Google. But don’t get the desire results.

Now I have solved your issue how can you install GB whatsapp in I phone?

Remember! I phone is one of the most popular phone in the world. It has its own limitation and requirements.

You cannot install a third party app in I phone. But have a fine solution.

I have provided you a step by step guide. Follow this guide and you can easily download GB whatsapp for I Phone.

We will cover this topic in just 5 Simple step.

How to Install GB Whatsapp in iPhone?

Step 1:

Open your Browser and go to Tweakboxapp. Make sure use Safari browser instead of chrome.

Step 2:

Click on install now Button and its require some access to your phone. Simply click on allow.

Step 3:

After it, Go to setting and then tap on general. In Last click on Profile.

Step 4:

From the top right corner click on install. After installing you will see its home screen.

Click on the Apps and then click on Tweaked apps.

Step 5:

Click on Install and it will install whatsapp ++ which have the same feature that GB whatsapp have.

I hope this will help you to install GB whatsapp for iPhone. I know it is not a GB whatsapp

But trust me dear you can enjoy all of its features in whatsapp++. More over it has some more features than GB don’t have.

GB whatsapp vs whatsapp

FeaturesGB WhatsappOfficial Whatsapp
Add Fontsotherapk
Status character lengthotherapk
Max. Sharing at a timeotherapk
Max. Media Sharingotherapk
Copy Statusotherapk
More Support Languagesotherapk
Send Blank Messagesotherapk
Change Themeotherapk
Hide Last Seenotherapk
Copy Statusotherapk
Add Effectsotherapk

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.whatsapp&hl=en ]

Pros and Corns

Many people thought that GB whatsapp pro apk is same the original one.

GB version has its own feature but the original one has its own. You can say that GB whatsapp is the modified version of whatsapp

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Whatsapp original version will keep your messages, chats, history and all data secure and save. It has its own privacy protection policy.

But GB whatsapp is a third party app. A private and known developer made GB whatsapp.

We don’t know where our data goes when we use GB whatsapp. We also have a doubt that our data is safe or not by using this third party app.

We don’t know what are the policies of this app. May be this app developer is selling your private data to some other companies.
But its all roamers. That fact is that there is not complain found yet against GB whatsapp.

We cannot believe these type of news that have no proof.

So What Should We do know?

I recommend you some things that you need to know before using this apk.

If you have an important data in your phone e.g passwords, important mails, our bank details etc then I recommend you don’t use this app.

The reason is that this app is a third party app and it is also removed from Play Store.

We should think if Google remove this apk then why should we believe this app. A Billion Dollars company don’t recommend to use these third party apps.

In short words! If you have some important data in your device then don’t install any third party app.

But if you are a normal user and don’t have some important data then my dear you can easily use.

Why I am saying this?

Think! If this app developer is a hacker then he attacks only those persons that have bank details and important passwords.

But if you are a normal user and don’t have these kinds of details then he don’t attack you.

These types of person only attack in important data. A normal user of Whatsapp is not a target of him.

In simple words! Use GB whatsapp pro apk safe and securely. Don’t share your important data and file from this app.

I hope all of this info will help you to better understand this problem.

Can GB whatsapp hide online status?

Yes! It will hide your online status. You can see the status on others while your status is offline.

Mostly Asked Questions!

Is GB whatsapp is safe?

Yes! It is totally safe for a normal users. But if you have some important data (Passwords, Emails, bank detail etc) I recommend you that don’t use this app. Because this app is a third party app.

Why We use GB Whatsapp?

If you want t enjoy some advance amazing features that a official whatsapp is not providing then this app is best for you.

Is GB Whats App legal?

I think it is not a legal app. Because Google also remove this app from play store. And it is developed by a unknown private developer.

Which is better GB WhatsApp or WhatsApp ?

Official Version is more better than Gb version. Because official whatsapp has its privacy policies but the GB WhatsApp don’t have

Who is the owner of GB WhatsApp?

GB Whatsapp is developed by a private developer Jan Koum Brian Acton. The Headquarters is in Mountain View, California , United States

Final Words:)

I hope all of our information about GB WhatsApp pro apk will be helpful for you. Keep safe and protected while using any third party app. Keep sharing our content and keep visiting. Also Share your opinion about this apk. Comment below and share your opinion about this app.Visit our website for more tips and trick of android apps. Cheers:)

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