How To Automate Whatsapp Messages On Android & iPhone

how to automate whatsapp messages

Whatsapp users are increasing day by day. Sending messages, take online business classes and doing many thing using whatsapp business.

So, today we will provide you some tips and trick of how to automate whatsapp messages.

We will cover this topic in simple and easy steps. I hope all of this content will be helpful for your whatsapp business account.

Many of us forget thing. We cannot remember everything. If you want to wish somebody on his/her birthday. But you forgot!

Dam it! What will we do now? What is the solution of this problem?

Here is your solution. Whatsapp fenilpropionato de nandrolona ciclos combinados has now introduce some of its new features which helps you to schedule whatsapp messages in android or iPhone.

I Will explain you some of the best method by which you can easily automate whatsapp messages.

This is going to be super amazing and super easy.

What is Whatsapp Business?

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This version of whatsapp is used by many companies to deal with their customers.

This will help you to attend the online meeting, deal with customers. And many other things.

That is it I will not talk about whatsapp business in detail.

You can simply go to Playstore. Download whatsapp business and install it on your android.

Simply sign up/sign in with your whatsapp account. And you are on whatsapp business.

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Why I am talking about this version? Why I am not talking about the original version?

The reason is that this version of whatsapp will help you to schedule whatsapp messages easily.

 Original one has many features and we all know about that.

But business account of whatsapp will easily help you to learn how to automate whatsapp messages?

How to automate WhatsApp messages in Android?

To automate whatsapp messages on android you have to install an app from play store.

I explain this processes with a step by step guide.

schedule whatsapp messages android
schedule whatsapp messages android



Go to > Playstore and search for > SKEDit. I hope you have found it on the top. Now simply click click on install.


After installing this app signup in this app. Now you will redirected to the home page screen. Tap on > Whatsapp ( do not tap on whats app business) and allow the permission to this app.


After this below the screen you will find SKEDit option. Simply click on it.

From the top bar Turn On the option > Use Service. And in last tap on > Allow.


Now return to SKEDit and you will find a screen where you will set the plan and the action.

Select the person for which you what to automate whatsapp messages. Enter your message and set the date and time to automate message by tapping the > schedule button below.

You can select the schedule message will repeat or not. This step by step guide will easily help you to learn how to automate whatsapp messages?

Step 5:

Almost done!

In last Step you will see the option > ask me before sending < simply turn it on.

In the top bar click on the > Tick <.

Boom! Finally, We have done it. We have now schedule a message on whatsapp.

You will get the notification according to date and time you have scheduled. You can send him message and also schedule according to your need.  


If you disable > Ask Me Before Sending < you have to disable your phone lock + battery optimization to do that.

So, Simply set it according to your need.

I suggest you do not disable this option. It will effect your battery and it also effects your phone security ( I mean your security lock).

Automate whatsapp messages for iPhone

schedule whatsapp messages on iphone
schedule whatsapp messages on iphone

I have also explain you a step by step guide for iPhone users. By which they can schedule whatsapp messages on iPhone.


Open your app store in iPhone and search for Shortcuts app. Download and install it in your iPhone.


Open the app and click on Automation option at the bottom. Click on + Icon from the top right corner.

Then simply click on Create > Personal Automation <.

Step 3:

Then click on Time of Day option. Schedule it according to your time.

When it is done click on the Next At the top right corner.

Step 4:

Then click on Actions. In search bar search for > text < . I hope you found it simply click on it. After that you can add your desired text.

Step 5:

After typing your text click on the + button below your text area. In the search bar search for Whatsapp. Simply click on the Whatsapp.

Select > Send Message by Whatsapp < Option. Select the person and simply click on next.

In Last step, Click on Done from the top right corner.

Now you will get a notification according to the time you have set.

I hope this method will help to automate messages of whatsapp in iPhone.

This is super fast and super easy method for Scheduling messages. I also want to explain the other method of whatsapp Scheduling but this method will effect your iPhone and too risky for you. That is why I just explain the method that actually work fine and fast.

Final Words!

I hope you have learn how to automate whatsapp messages in android and IOS? I hope all of this info will be useful for you. If you are loving our content plzz keep sharing this content with other to motivate us. Keep loving and Keep Visiting.

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