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APP Overview

Lifesum Premium APK is one of the fastest-growing diet apps around, and for good reason. It brings a fresh approach to weight loss with a huge community behind it. Lifesum Mod APK is a mobile app that allows users to track their diets, count calories and monitor their weight loss goals. People are using the app in order to lose weight, get healthy and save money. It is an award-winning digital health and weight management platform that helps you eat better, live healthier and feel happier.

Lifesum Premium Features Unlocked

  • Premium Subscription Unlocked
  • Ads are removed
  • Multiple language support
  • Tracks your daily progress.
  • Create custom goals to help you track your weight, fitness, and health.
  • Diet Calculations
  • Activity Tracking
  • Store Your Fitness Data
  • Sleep Tracking
  • Look up how your body changes in your first week or month on the diet.
  • Browse food content including, recipes, health articles, and social media posts.

App Information

App Name

Lifesum Premium APK





Mod Info

Premium Unlocked


Henrik Torstensson


May 2021

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Lifesum APK for Android

Lifesum is a Swedish health app that provides personalized nutrition and diet plans based on your age and lifestyle. The app allows you to track your food intake, exercise, weight, BMI and body measurements.

The Lifesum app is a tool that can help you lead a healthier life by helping you monitor what you eat and drink and offering advice on how to get more active in the process.

The app is available on Android and iOS and allows you to keep track of your calories and exercise. It also comes with a social feature that allows you to connect with other people.

Lifesum Premium APK

Lifesum Premium APK is a game changer when it comes to dieting. This app can track when you eat food and includes a tool that tells you how many calories you’ve eaten for the day. Lifesum Premium APK is a free health & fitness app that allows you to easily track your food, workouts, weight loss and water intake.

It allows you to set your goals and stick to them. You can monitor your calories intake during the day, make sure not to exceed it with a barcode scanner. You can track your nutrition by scanning the barcodes of the items that you eat or drink.

Features of Lifesum Premium APK

It makes sure you’re healthy

Lifesum Premium APK works as a personalized diary that keeps track of your calorie intake, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, salt, and fiber. The app is built on neuroscience and a simple and elegant method of connecting people to their daily lives. By creating an account, users become a Lifesum member, which means they can follow the daily food tracking process.

The idea is that the user becomes more aware of the food they consume, and from the results of their food intake, and a chance to track their food journal. At the end of the day, users can check their food journal and if the food journal reveals anything unusual, they can easily contact the Lifesum team.

Track your daily life

You can log every little thing that you do with Lifesum Premium APK. For instance, if you’re on your way to the gym you can use the Lifesum app to make sure you don’t forget to carry your water or phone charger.

This diet app is designed for people to be more mindful of what they eat, and the concept is that people eat less when they pay more attention to the foods they eat. By using Lifesum Premium APK, you can track everything you eat and even become more mindful about your food choices.

Setup Your Personal Diet Plan

As a user of Lifesum Premium APK, you will have to create your own personalized weight loss plan that includes what you need to eat, how much you can eat and how many calories you should take in. The diet plan will help you achieve your goal, and you can change it as often as you want. You can choose your own diet plan if you are bored of the default one. It is the app’s major strength.

The mobile app also tells you which foods can help you stay healthy. It even alerts users about how their diet choices affect their body in the long run. The Lifesum Premium APK does this by creating a profile of the user and the food that they consume. This personal diet diary is the key to the app’s success because it makes tracking calories and tracking weight loss easy.

Track your meals

Once you know what you’ve been eating, you can track it on the app. All you have to do is log your foods (and snacks, of course), make sure you include the nutrition info that you usually make into your food diary. The app will track the nutrition of your food. You can also set daily dietary goals, such as how many grams of carbs, protein, fiber, sodium, fat, etc. you want to eat daily.

Daily food diaries

Lifesum Premium APK is great for planning your meals. They have a handy “menu planner.” It is a way for you to build a good healthy diet plan. It will help you to see what is around you that you are likely to eat that day. You can access that section on Lifesum Mod APK by opening the app, and then you can just scroll down. You can also create shopping lists from there, so that you don’t forget to buy groceries before a meal.

It promotes a balanced diet

Tracking and monitoring your food intake and participating in the weight loss process through the Lifesum Premium APK is a lifestyle change. To maintain healthy eating habits you have to watch the nutrients that you consume. Therefore, the Lifesum diet allows users to opt for natural foods like vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, low-fat dairy products, and healthy oils.

Lifesum Premium APK has an entire section dedicated to healthy food, and it includes a range of different options so that people can maintain the right balance of their diet. For instance, the app offers information about how much saturated and trans fats a person should eat each day.

Smart diet

Lifesum Premium APK has a smart way of calculating how many calories and how many grams of fats you should eat in order to lose weight and gain muscle mass. You will find preset meal plans, so that you can make sure to stick to the healthy eating guidelines that Lifesum provides. Moreover, they also give you the option to create your own custom meal plans and to choose from a wide variety of restaurants with their digital coupons.

No fad dieting!

Lifesum Premium APK brings all the latest trends in a user-friendly way. The app is fast and easy to use. It allows you to work out your own healthy habits so you will never have to starve or buy pricey shakes ever again. You can view and plan your meals for the day and share them with your friends and family. This is not only a great way to keep track of your calories, but also your daily expenses.

Best weight loss tips

The Lifesum Premium APK diet is based on the idea that people who aren’t losing weight are doing something wrong. The diet app is full of articles about weight loss, which not only guides users through the journey, but also gives them the best tips to achieve their goals.

Simple but cool graphs

At first glance, you’ll be impressed with the graphs. They’re concise, concise but very cool. They are visually appealing, and they’re really worth checking out. The data helps you understand what you’ve been doing so that you can make necessary adjustments to your lifestyle.

Lifesum Mod APK includes a wide range of delicious looking visualizations that will give you a deep insight into the amount of calories you are consuming and the quantity of weight you have lost. They also have virtual fitness and healthy eating challenges.

Share Information

The Lifesum Premium APK has a section where people can report good and bad weight loss practices. For instance, if someone wants to lose weight they can list all the reasons they’re not losing weight. This is a great way to motivate other people to start exercising, eating healthy, and losing weight.

Connect with other people

One of the main reasons why the Lifesum Premium APK is such a great way to lose weight is that it allows people to connect with other people in the same situation. With the Lifesum app, you can post your weight loss progress and you can connect with people who are losing weight at the same time.

There are also other people who want to lose weight who can access your weight loss information. This is a great way to motivate each other to lose weight.

The community

Lifesum Premium APK is an online community. They have been very active in the community, and you get to interact with other members there, making you feel like you’re part of a group. You can discuss the weight loss challenges and share your experience with other users. You can also find support and motivation through the community.

How to Install Lifesum apk in Android?

  • Step1: Open Apk File

    Go to our provide download button and click on the button to download the apk file.

  • Step 2: Required Settings

    Then go to you Phone Setting. Then tap on security. In this page you have to enable unknown source option in order to install an application which is downloaded outside of the play Store.

  • Step 3: Find application

    Then go to your file manager and then search for the file that you have downloaded.

  • Step 4: Installation

    Just click on the application and then click on install button.

  • Step 5: Things to Remember

    Click on the yes button if a pop up opens. Otherwise, you just need to click on install and you have successfully installed your Lifesum Premium version.

Final Words

If you are interested in taking part in Lifesum’s private community, you can do so by becoming a Premium member. In doing so you will gain access to various extras including online meetings, group coaching, special notifications and more.

With Lifesum Premium APK, you can see your friends, family and other members around the world in your community. In addition, you can set up different challenges and compete with friends. You can see how your progress is moving with every meal or workout.To become a Premium member simply download and install the Lifesum Premium for free.

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