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Today, you are going to get Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon which we are providing you for free. Minecraft mod apk is the most popular games in the world. So, today you are going to use minecraft apk for free.


What is Minecraft?

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So, what exactly IS MINECRAFT? Minecraft’s initial release date is ’17 May 2009′ And it was launched officially by Mojang in 2011 Until now, over 180 million (18 Crore) copies of the game have been sold.

This is one of the reasons why it is the most sold and most popular game in the world. It can be played in many ways It can be classified in 4 main types Java edition- which is available for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux Bedrock edition- which can be played on Android, iOS, Windows 10, Windows Mobile OS, XBOX, Nintendo Switch, PS4, Samsung Gear VR, Fire OS, and Amazon Fire TV OS. Next, Education Edition- which runs on Windows, Mac Os, and iOS.

Minecraft mod apk unlimited Minecon?

Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon
Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon

Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon is the modified and updated version of minecraft apk. Here you can use minecraft for free. You can play its pro features for free without paying a single penny to anyone.

We have provided some tips and explaination about Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon latest version. I hope all of this content will be helpful for you.
And lastly, Minecraft Earth- which runs on Android and iOS. So Minecraft is a ‘Sandbox’ game A sandbox is a style of game in which minimal character limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the gamer to roam and change a virtual world at will.

In contrast to a progression-style game, a sandbox game emphasizes roaming and allows a gamer to select tasks So, let’s assume that you have downloaded the game on your PC so first, you are greeted with the Title Screen Here, ‘Single Player’, ‘Multiplier & ‘Minecraft Realms’ these are the main options as we can see. Other options allow the user to change various settings such as language, graphics, etc.
In Single Player mode, you can create your own worlds that are only visible and playable by you. This too has 3 types of modes- Creative, Survival, and Hardcore.

Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon latest version

minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon latest version
minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon latest version

In creative mode, you can access all the blocks of the game, and build anything you want, freely.

Have you ever dreamed of making your own buildings, cities, etc.? If yes, you can do all that in creative mode! Survival mode has got its own rules Like for example- You have to craft all the essential tools & stuff- According to the recipes, which are pre-set in the game.

And when it turns to night-time, A variety of different mobs like Zombies, Creepers and skeletons start to randomly spawn. To skip the night, we can make a thing…. ….called ‘BED’. which, obviously, skips the night and we wake up in the morning.

And fortunately, mobs start to burn in the sunlight And this gives us some hope when we wake up in the morning.

I will explain Survival mode in some other video… the link to which, will be posted in the comments. Hardcore mode is a lot like Survival mode- BUT- once you die, you won’t respawn!

And the hunger and hearts are also a bit slow while regenerating. minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon latest version has got 3 main types of worlds The first one being the ‘overworld’ which is basically the NORMAL world. It’s where you originally spawn.

Next, the ‘Nether World’ which has got a ‘nether fortress’ And the third one being the ‘End World’ which consists of the ‘Ender Dragon’ To teleport to the Nether World or End World You need to make their respective portals.

When you enter the end world, you will see the Ender Dragon. When you defeat it, the game technically ends. But actually, you get some XP, and you continue to play the game as you were before.

So this was all about the ‘Single Player mode’ Now, let’s talk about Multiplayer Here, you will see that you can access many different servers On entering them, you can play online with hundreds of thousands of players from all around the world.

minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon download free

minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon Download

This is similar to games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc. in which you play along with a bunch of players online. These servers provide various custom games that are made by the server’s staff. And those games are really different from normal Minecraft.

Basically, you can play this game HOWEVER you want to. Like- you can install your own texture packs, mods, etc. which can make the game look completely different. And you can also customize your skin! And you can do much more!!! And this is why the game is SO POPULAR!

If you want to download the game, let me know in the comments.
A world which is filled with some hostile mobs many cute animals and with questions to which no answer seems right but despite having no right answer or clear ending.

when we see the world of Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon through the eyes of our main character Steve and Alex even this world made up of blocks seems to get full of life.

And once we start crafting things starts to make some sense and we understand our ultimate goal that is to slay the ender dragon! But to achieve this goal we have to do some mining so that we can reach the hell of this game that is “the nether ” Nether which filled with the vast ocean of lava, some scary sounds.

And just like our overworld it is also the home of some very dangerous monster and very strange things But there our character has to locate the nether fortress in which lives a unique mob known by the name of Blaze Blaze, who has to be killed because it gives us the blaze rod Blaze is what will help us reach to the end of this game .

But reaching the end is not easy because to activate the end portal we need another mysterious creature known by the name of Enderman. Enderman are the mysterious creature.

Who just like us can pick up the blocks but for some unknown reason if some one looks directly into their eyes then get angry starts to attack the.

But after some deadly battles and sacrifice of 12 enderman our character will have ender pearl which when combined with blaze portal will give us the eye of ender!

Eye of ender is the last thing that we need to reach our final destination . As it guide us to a stronghold Stronghold which is like a prison,in the deepest end you will find an ender portal.

And after all this when we place our hard earned eye of ender in the portal , it opens a gateway to the end world. Which is a very strange world and in there lives a massive army of enderman and your ultimate nemesis.

The ender dragon And after having a legendary battle with him you finally become The dragon slayer and for your this heroic act you receive the xp which is that much you don’t even know what should you do with it now ?

And all this pain and hard work you think now you will finally receive the story that you have been waiting for so you take another leap into the portal just to find a strange poem !
And you return back to your last spawn point .

So was this the story of Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon? If yes then why is only Steve looks like a normal human And if your journey begins with bare hand with out any guide or goal then who was there in that world before us , the one who build the first ever nether portal , what was the reason the end portal was hidden deep down in a stronghold locked behind those iron bars how are enderman able teleport.

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Today i will be focusing on origin of Minecraft ! How all this began ? So here is the rest of the story Minecraft’s story begins many years before Steve and Alex showed up … when there were other villager living there.

And like any village they also used to do farming , hunting and keep on inventing new and newer things . But at some point ,no one knows when , the discovered Obsedian Which was a very mysterious material . And builders of that time were very intelligent but understanding Obsedian was difficult task for them too.

But with their increasing intelligence they found Obsedian was not some ordinary material , and if they combined diamond with it then it was capable of doing some magical things and with that for the first time builder of that time learned how to do magic and they became the first enchanters.
But no one knew that using obsedian would come at a cost which they had to pay .

To perform stronger magical spells they had to pay the equal amount of their soul as a toll for enchantment cost . They were first happy to get better magical books and weapons but bit by bit they started losing their souls! But not everything ended there!

Because one day a villager figured out that if they place Obsedian in a special pattern then they can open a way to bring back their lost souls and with that they open the gateway to a Nether world with a nether portal .

But nether was a unfamiliar place for them and in order to survive there they had to do some unimaginable things They were able to make to nether but by the time they returned they were totally changed they had become habitual of living in the nether .

And returning back was difficult so they started fortifying there surrounding in the nether too.

And those who somehow managed to get out , they tried destroying nether portal so that no one can reach that place again . This is the complete detail of Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon how this games begin and how this game has become the most popular game in the world.


Minecraft mod apk unlimited minecon download free from our website. I hope all of our content will help you to better understand this game. Share minecraft mod apk with other and help them to use its amazing features for free

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