Niazi Tv App 8.0 Free Download (2021 version)

Admin, Friday, December 25, 2020
Niazi Tv App

You can download Niazi Tv App for free now. It is the latest version. With this application you can watch dramas and TV on your mobile for free.

If you run this application with Jazz SIM then no internet data of your SIM will be lost. With this SIM you can watch TV 24 hours a day all day for free.

Niazi Tv app Features

  • It allows you to watch 70 TV channels for free
  • So you can watch the channels that were paid for free
  • Ten Sport channel is also free
  • more than seven hundred films
  • over 200 Dramas
  • watch all Cook Studio shows for free
  • watch Kapil Sharma’s show for free
  • You can also watch funny videos in it
  • In it we can also see the talk show
  • Inside you can watch audio
  • full HD songs for free
  • PTV support will be shown to you for free
  • You can also see cricket scores
  • You can also use other applications within it
  • This application is auto-updated

By installing Niazi Tv App application you can enjoy all kinds of dramas, movie songs and Kapil Sharma’s shows and many such videos. you also can download GB Whatsapp Pro APK.

Complete Guide how to use Niazi Tv App

After installing Niazi Tv App you don’t have to pay any money. niazi tv apk is absolutely free. We are giving you the niazi tv apk latest version 8.0 of it for free.

We hope that this application will be of great benefit to you as you will not be charged any money after using it.

And your internet will not be right and you can dedicate your internet to other things.


If you turn on jazz data for a while after installing this application, all its settings will be done automatically when all its settings come up your data will save while using this application you will not lost your data.

This application will be very useful for you. Because of this lockdown, you will also get bored at home.

If you install Niazi Tv application in your mobile, you will not spend the whole day with boredom. By installing this application for free, you can spend your time watching drama movies and various shows inside it.

I hope you like this application very much. If you like it, then you can share this application with your friends. Also share so that your friends can also benefit from this application.

And let us know in the comments what you find most interesting about this application. Why do you like your so much that you are looking for it on the website to download?

Now niazi tv apk latest version is ready to download click this blue link and you will get the mediafire download link.

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