Best Apps And Websites For Online Teaching Through Mobile

online teaching through mobile

As we are seeing, the corona virus has spread all over the world. It has spread to every college, university and school. In such an epidemic, everyone is relying on online teaching through mobile.


Even in schools and colleges where students are being drawn to online teaching. That is why teachers need online teaching apps to teach their children.

Free Online Teaching Apps For Teachers Through Mobile

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In today’s topic, we will tell you the best free app for online teaching in which teachers can teach students in online classes without any difficulty.In today’s topic we will show you the best online teaching apps in the world that teachers can use to take online classes. I hope all these apps will be useful and beneficial for you.



The Zoom app was not commonly used to take online teaching through mobile, it was usually used for office meetings, but nowadays Google Zoom is also being used by teachers to teach online classes. .

There were also video calls via Skype, but Skype was not enough to increase the number. We can Join a meeting which can have as many people as we want by the help of Google Zoom.


With the help of this best app for online video classes and online teaching methods, we can not only teach online classes but also call meetings between teachers and schools.

A large number of students can be Teach Online by zoom. This function is not available in Skype and other applications.

That is why we use Google Zoom to teach a large number of students. In Skype, A maximum of five people will be able to read correctly and no teacher will want to have a headache by repeating the same lecture over and over again.

That is why Google Zoom is a great tool for Online classes. A large number of teachers can teach a Large number of students online.

[appbox googleplay screenshots com.lbe.parallel.intl&hl=en ]

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Every teacher wants to keep the students in their class from getting bored. To end this boring we will tell you about Kahoot the best online teaching app for teachers where not only you can teach students online but also do some great activities with them.

These activities will not only keep students from getting bored but will also make your class enjoyable. This is a website that turns an online class into a game show.

To answer honorable questions, Students are then shown a variety of games related to the same topic, which not only enables them to take classes but can also take an interest in their studies through this website.

Students can not only take online classes on this website but also have their own application which students can install on Their mobile and enjoy its best features.

What can we say that in teaching it Creates a different level where students can be taught through different games and graphics. This is the best way to teach online through mobile.

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Most of the teachers will get tired of making notes and when you are given five hundred Pages to make notes, it becomes very difficult to make their notes.

Evernote is a website and one of the best apps for online classes, where teachers can easily prepare their notes with the best design. And they don’t need as much work as a man does in writing.

It not only helps to reduce the workload of teachers but also helps to present the work in a better design. The site saves teachers’ time and also gives teachers time to do other work.

Through this website, teachers can prepare their notes through various graphics, pictures, and maps. We hope that by using this website, you will be able to make the best kind of notes for your Class.

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Google Hangouts

Most of the teachers want to have a conference with their students and they want to be informed about some things through the online conferences. Google Hangouts is a great way for teachers and students to have an online conference.

Teachers will also provide the best service for teaching online because it is a product of Google which is why this service is also provided the best. Google Hangouts is the best app that allows teachers and students to have an easy online conference.

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Audio Boom

Audio Boom

Some teachers can teach online classes to their students through podcasts. We are going to tell you about a website and app where teachers can explain lectures through podcasts. Audio Boom is a website where teachers can provide audio lectures.

Students can listen and prepare for their exams and tests by listening to these Podcasts. Its sound quality and Recording quality are both excellent. This app will help you to prepare audio lectures Through podcasts. We hope that This online teaching method will prove to be the best for you.

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Ted is a online teaching and Learning platform where not only students but also teachers can learn about the topics of lectures. Ted is a great company where great professors and teachers talk on different subjects and different topics and Try to Explain your topics through scientific studies and modern technology.

Through TED, a teacher can prepare lectures and their topics in a Different Way. Because here the best teachers in the world explain topics in the best way. Not only can a teacher learn in the best way, but can also help their students understand in the best way.

Ted is a great company that provides free education to both educators and teachers. This will also help you in online teaching through mobile.

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In addition, there are many platforms where teachers can go for online reading and teaching to students. We will provide you with one more list that can help you to teach and learn online. All of the above web site and apps are the best in my way. But still, we have named a few apps and websites. These online teaching through mobile Website Will Also Help you to teach online through your mobile.

  1. Quizizz
  2. Edx
  3. Study Blue Flashcards & quizzes
  4. Extramarks
  5. Seesaw
  6. Edmodo
  7. Epic
  8. ClassDojo
  9. Google classroom


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