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pandora premium apk

Pandora Mod APK



APP Overview

Pandora Mod APK is a free, personalized Internet radio service that plays songs and Podcasts you’ll love. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks. Users can use the application through a web browser, desktop client application, or mobile device. It is a free music application that is available for Android phones and tablets. This app allows you to stream and play your favorite songs with the help of internet connection.

Pandora Mod Features Unlocked

  • Premium Unlocked
  • 100% ads Free
  • Quickly set up your Pandora account and enter your login information to unlock the screen and get playing
  • Find songs you like based on previous playlists, artists, genres, etc.
  • Keep in touch with your Pandora friends by sharing your favorite music!
  • Hide the buttons on the left side of the screen (for those that are deathly afraid of buttons)
  • Use the Podcasts App and other programs at the same time
  • The service allows you to create personalized stations
  • Play unlimited skips. You can skip any song up to 30 times in a row
  • Listen to most of the songs from all genres
  • The application has Top and Trending Charts
  • Play and download playlists on the go
  • Music searches can be done on the application
  • Artist pages can be browsed
  • Listen to an internet radio stream or use mobile radio to listen to music
  • Get good sound quality
  • Personalize your station through your favorite artists

App Information

App Name

Pandora Mod APK





Mod Info

plus/Premium Unlocked


Tim Westergren, Will Glaser, Jon Kraft


April 2021

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Pandora APK For Android

Pandora is one of the most famous music streaming services. The good news is that you can listen to Pandora radio on your Android device with Pandora APK for Android. Pandora is a free, personalized online music service that plays the music you love. Discover new songs listen Podcast and artists, or enjoy old favorites. Make playlists, search by lyrics or create stations around your favorite songs.

What is Pandora Plus APK?

Pandora Plus allows you to download songs to your device for offline listening and to share your listening with friends. Users that sign-up for Pandora Plus can also listen to music and videos in High Quality or Dolby Audio.

The Plus version also allows Pandora to personalize and improve your existing stations by adding songs you’re likely to love.

Pandora Plus is ad-free and completely free.

What’s different with the Pandora Plus APK compared to the regular Pandora app?

  • The Pandora Plus APK is a better experience for listening to music. For one, you can save songs to your phone or SD card for offline listening.


  • New stations are created specifically for Plus users. For example, you can listen to more Foreigner tracks with a station created just for those tracks, and Pandora can build a station with the most Radiohead tracks with a radio station created just for them.


  • Pandora Plus provides a link to the Premium membership if you do not have one. If you sign up for a Plus membership, your data is stored locally on your device instead of being uploaded to their servers.


  • Save songs to your device for offline listening with Plus, which can be downloaded and listened to later from your SD card.


  • The Plus version also allows Pandora to personalize and improve your existing stations. This means you can change your station title, streamline your station information, or add more artists to the station.

Pandora Mod APK

Pandora Mod APK is a free, personalized internet radio service that plays the music you love. Listen to your favorite music offline with our new mobile app. Create stations for any artist, song or genre and listen to your entire favorite album with our new continuous play feature. With Pandora you can listen to free music online or offline. Listen to your favorite stations wherever you are. Create personalized stations from your favorite songs, artists or genres.

Features of Pandora Mod APK

Listen Podcast

Pandora Mod APK is a music app, but not just music. There is a popular feature called the listen podcast. The listen podcast allows you to browse through individual Podcasts, latest and not so latest ones.

The pandora playlists will follow the songs automatically. When you find a song you want to listen to, you can simply go to a place and subscribe to that podcast. The app will automatically play the selected songs and will stop playing the song if it is finished.

Start, stop and pause your Pandora music with a simple swipe

It is so easy and fast to access your music from a music player. You can start playing music from the album or just a single track. You can go through the detailed info of the album and pick the song that suits you perfectly.

Understand the artist or song you listen to the most

With Pandora Mod APK you can browse through your music library and find the music you’re listening to the most. This app is installed in a flash drive so you can take it with you anywhere you go.

You can share your favorite songs

It is very easy to share your favorite songs with friends and family with the help of Pandora Premium APK. Just select the recipient you want to share it with, and then select the song from the list of played songs and hit send.

If you are a member of Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, you can share your favorite songs with your friends and family in the social media.

Pandora Mod APK creates custom radio stations based on your favorite artists, songs, genres or composers. Browse through these stations to find the best listening experience.

Like, rate, and chat with other listeners

At the bottom left corner you can change the service that you want to chat with. You can Like the music you like the most, Rate the songs you love and write comments to your favorite stations.

Save favorite stations and suffle/rewind them

With Pandora Mod APK you can save the songs you love so you can listen to them later and even rewind them.

As you listen to your favorite artists’ song, shuffle it based on the last, latest or next song played. Pandora will save the best tracks and shuffle it for later

Pandora has a huge music library

The music library contains over 20 million songs and the music can be sorted by a variety of different parameters. It has built-in and customization options so you can find the tunes you like the most.

Social media integration

Besides Pandora Mod APK, Pandora Internet Radio allows you to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, MySpace and iGoogle accounts. This gives you a chance to follow and like other users.

Play more like a DJ

Pandora Internet Radio allows you to create and save a playlist to your playlist. This playlist can be found later and can be named with your playlist name. You can also add and remove songs as per your wish.

Download songs offline

Pandora Mod APK allows you to download songs offline. This app enables you to download up to 200 songs so you can listen to them whenever you want.

When you are using the Pandora Radio application, you can add the songs or artists you like to your mobile device’s music library, and Pandora Mod APK will play these songs when you are not connected to the internet. The app uses your Wi-Fi and data connection when in offline mode. So, you won’t be drained of your data plan.

Listen History

While listening to any playlist, you can use the pandora history feature. This is great feature for those who want to compare songs or songs they listened to to understand the song’s different nuances. It also helps you to take notes or learn the song lyrics. When you tap a song you want to listen to, you’ll be given the option to listen history. All the songs played within your timeline will be displayed. The data will be available for a limited period of time.


The internet radio is more about personalizing the songs and music. The web player keeps an on-going activity of songs played and should be able to learn your preferences. The app offers the same functionality as Pandora Mod APK but comes with more customization options. You can easily hide any song by hitting the dismiss button. The personalization plays an important role in determining the trustworthiness of any artist or a music blog.

Search and Discovery

This is a big part of any internet radio service. When you are searching for a certain song, artist, or track, you might find it on another web radio service. But pandora has a lot to offer.

The search and discovery feature provides users with a tool to find songs which will help them add to their listening experience. There are many ways to use the search feature of pandora Mod APK. You can simply search for the song name, artist name or album name to find a song. You can also search for a song in a particular genre like rock, jazz, heavy metal etc.

Add your own playlists

If you want to add your own playlists, you can do so easily. Users can create their own private and addable playlist with its own preferences, such as shuffle mode, advanced searches and genre styles. You can also easily share playlists on various social media websites.

Find your favorite artist

If you are an ardent fan of a certain artist, you can always find his or her latest song on this application. The Pandora Radio app brings back the listening experience, with the option of not only searching for a specific song but also finding that artist or song on the go.

Pandora Radio app and Pandora Premium

The most powerful feature in this app is the integration of Pandora premium APK. The Premium version allows users to enjoy unlimited ad-free music streaming. The difference between the two is that the Pandora free service allows you to skip a single track after a 24-hour wait. If you are a premium user, you can skip any song and can also download a limited number of tracks. If you like listening to an artist’s music, then you might love this app.

So, if you are a fan of internet radio, then Pandora Radio app is a must-have. This is the second iOS app from Pandora which is a direct competitor to Pandora Premium.

The music streaming app has been developed keeping a lot of features in mind, like the ability to customize the news feed to only show the music you are interested in. The music service includes more features such as ad-free streaming, offline mode and the option to use mobile data on-the-go.

How to Install Pandora in Android?

  • Step1: Open Apk File

    Go to our provide download button and click on the button to download the apk file.

  • Step 2: Required Settings

    Then go to you Phone Setting. Then tap on security. In this page you have to enable unknown source option in order to install an application which is downloaded outside of the play Store.

  • Step 3: Find application

    Then go to your file manager and then search for the file that you have downloaded.

  • Step 4: Installation

    Just click on the application and then click on install button.

  • Step 5: Things to Remember

    Click on the yes button if a pop up opens. Otherwise, you just need to click on install and you have successfully installed your Pandora modded version.

Final Words

Pandora Mod APK is an innovative music-based mobile music service. It has helped people discover the music they love, and share it with others. With the help of Pandora app, you can follow your favorite artist and/or songs and listen to the songs you were not aware of.

Pandora Premium APK uses patented technology to organize millions of songs based on their musical characteristics. So, you can have access to your favorite songs in the background without distractions. Pandora will be sure that the music you want to listen to is waiting for you in the right time.

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