2 Unique Way How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android

How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android

Hello guys and welcome back to my website So today I will show you How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android Samsung mobile devices. And this method works for all Samsung mobile devices, at the same time if you have the android pie operating system. So anyway let’s go to our tutorial. This Article is submitted by otherapk.com.

First of all open your android mobile settings, now in this setting section you can locate “Advanced features” and then click to open it.

And it shows some options, but you can go to “Dual messenger” and the 7th option. But in my device, it only shows 5 social networking applications. So if you want to activate this dual app feature, first of all, you can install that particular application from the google play store.

How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android

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And also this feature only works for social network-related applications, like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and etc So You Can know How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android.

So once you install it just click to enable that application setting, so for example I try to turn on “Whatsapp” and it shows one notification do you want to install this WhatsApp? so I try to press the “Install” option, and then it starts to install.

So finally this secondary dutasteride kopen WhatsApp messenger is successfully installed on my device. And also you can click to enable this setting “Use separate contacts list” and it is placed at the bottom.

At the same time, it asks for your phone contact access permission for your new Whatsapp application. So if maybe ask contact permission just give the permission to access it.

So finally my WhatsApp dual app is now ready to use, so I try to check it, by simply tap the icon of your app. So and then you can see it shows two WhatsApp icons, which means that this dual app feature is successfully activated for my WhatsApp messenger.

2nd Method How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android

today I will be showing you the 2nd method of How To Run 2 Same Apps on Android using parallel space.

Parallel Space

[appbox googleplay screenshots us.zoom.videomeetings ]

so before beginning, I must tell you that this application does not require any kind of fruit permissions or any other device-specific requirements.

so I guess we should begin with it first of all you need to download the application from Google Play Store it is available for free from it Download parallel space.

so you can grab it the links have been given in the description and you can take it from there I’ve been downloading it from the Google Play Store same this is the application after that you can install two versions of the same app android.

I’ll be showing you how this application looks we let me find it to our parallels face this is the application and here are just simple intros you can swipe it to clear here is the main UI of the application and for example.

I’ll be showing you how to run to Instagram accounts on the same device and then I will be showing Snapchat maybe okay now to run install to Instagram on the same device you need to have Instagram installed on your device.

this you can know that I have already installed it and my first account has been logged into it let me show it to you this one you can see ro1 Rmx let me zoom in you can see this account has been logged in into this and now I’ll be logging another account into Instagram with the help of parallel space application.

I’ll be opening it again and clicking on this plus icon there I will be selecting the Instagram application or you can select from all the applications out there but these are some popular applications so you get it home straight away there only click on Instagram.

which will lose some magic like this and here we are ready with the application now let’s click on this and here you can see the new Instagram has been installed here you can see another count I’ll be showing you this.

you can check out the username and also I’ll be following myself so that you can see that it’s legit let me search my myself you can see and this okay this one now be following myself done now let me open here

you can see that I have got the notification and this is my first Instagram account okay so that was just to prove that this application is legit I suppose you already have got the idea of how this application works and I’ll be simply moving to parallel space again.

okay let me open this and here you can see Instagram, okay so you don’t always need to open parallel space and click on Instagram to open the second account or you can also do like this hold on it and drag it to create a shortcut this will create a shortcut on your home page like this with a plus symbol here you can see.

which indicates that this application is different from the first Instagram which has been already installed on your device you can also if you want to delete this account then you can open parallel space and hold on this and drag it to the delete option only like this and it will ask you for the confirmation just click on delete and it will delete it.

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