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Surface Go 2 Review: Don’t Push it

Surface Go 2 Review: Don’t Push it When I do, I often think about who a thing is made for.So take the Surface Go 2 right here.Who is this for?I have a bunch of guesses.I think it’s for families that need a second computerfor their kid who is now doingall of their school work at home.

I think it’s for gadget heads who just wanna tiny,cool, little computer that’s,that’s me by the way.But I kinda hate breaking gadgets down demographically.I saying if you wanna touch screenand you wanna tablet and if you need Windows,and if you want a small computer,or if you wanna save money, plus if you’re Virgoor if you’re a Scorpio.

Look, you get the idea.So well, I fit in the middle of oneof those Venn diagrams for the Surface Go 2.

because I love tiny computers and I knowhow to work with it when there’re many, many limitations.I don’t think that the Go 2 worksfor the large Venn diagram of peoplewho just wanna use a computer.

And I think I can explain why, so let’s do that.Should we just get into it?We should get into it, let’s get into it.(soft music)Now, if you’re unfamiliar with these Surface Go line,it is a tiny, little tablet that is about the samesize as an iPad or iPad Air or 11 inch iPad.

It starts at $399, but nobody uses these things without a keyboard and the keyboard cost about a $100or you can spend a $130 for the Alcantara version.

So that’s 500 bucks for the base model with a keyboard,which is about the same priceas a basic iPad with a basic keyboard.And this thing is adorable.

Microsoft kept the exact same body size

I love this hardware.Microsoft kept the exact same body size,but they made the bezels on the screena little bit smaller, they up the resolution a tad,it’s now a 10.5 inch screenwith a 1920 by 2080 resolution.There’s still a kick stand on the back.There’s a micro SD card slot, there’s a couple of ports,and there’s a headphone jack, hooray!Second to maybe the Surface Pro X,this is probably my favorite Microsoft hardware.

Now, the version I got here to reviewis the fancy pants versionwith a real Intel Core m3 processorinstead of the Pentium Gold processorthat comes in the base model.This has eight gigs of RAM,which really is what you want for Windowsto not be a suffer fest.

It also has a proper SSD while the base modelhas a slower eMMC storage.Oh, also they threw LTE in this thing,which means that all in with keyboard,this model costs 860 buck,which is just a little bit cheaperthan the equivalent respect iPad Air with a keyboard.But look, it still a lot of moneyfor such a tiny computer.

I keep bring up the iPad because it’s the same size as this.But also because it’s kind of the same idea.You get a tiny, little portable tabletthat can do a lot of things, but not everything.There’s always a compromise when you paythis little money and you use a computerthat’s this little.You get stopped from doing what you wanna do sometimes.

Stuff Mainly either apps

Now, with the iPad, you’re stopped from doing stuffmainly because either the apps just aren’t thereor because the operating system just won’t let you.Now, with the Surface Go 2, that’s not a problem.You can install literally any Windows app that you want.Like here, I installed Photoshop.

The full, real Photoshop with every single Photoshop feature and I can just launch it.And well, see, with the Surface Go 2,even my very fancy one here,the thing that stops you isn’t the OS or the lack of apps.Instead, it has a way lower ceilingfor running multiple apps or very powerful apps.Another way of putting that is that it’s slow,but that’s not exactly what I mean.

See, when you’re just browsingwith a few tabs or doing Office app stuff,or some email or watching Netflixand maybe not all that stuff all at once,then it’s not a problem.At least on the Core m3 version of the Surface Go 2,it handles all of those tasks one by one just fine.Just don’t run Photoshop on this or edit video.

I mean, you can, I’m looking at Photoshop right now,but you really don’t want to.But if you keep this thing with in its limits,it is a super fun machine that gets the job done.

Deviceand even start recommending

But look, I still have a hard timewith this little computer.Last year, I felt like that if Microsoftcould fix three things with the original Surface Go,I could really buy into the idea of this deviceand even start recommending it.The first thing was screen size.And that’s fixed basically.

I wish it had gotten a little brighter,and I wished the bezels were stilleven little bit smaller, but it’s enough.The second thing is speed.And that’s sort of fixed as long as you’re willingto spend the extra money on the Core m3 version.

And the third thing was battery life.Right, so the battery on the Surface Go 2is 0.7 watt hours biggerthan on the original Surface Go,and that has meant point nothingin terms of longer battery life.

Battery lifeand

It wasn’t great last year and this yearI’m barely getting through a whole work day.I’m talking five or maybe six hours of battery life and I’m not pushing it to get those five or six hours.I think that in ultra portable deviceshould ultra portable battery life and this just isn’t.

But say you can live with that, should you?I keep coming back to that Venn diagramand all the or, if’s, and’s and who’s and stuff.So say you want an inexpensive computerfor your kids to use for school.That’s kind of what Microsoft is pushingin the commercials for this device.

Okay, but for 500 bucks, you can get a Chromebookwith really good specs that just flies.Would Chrome OS work for you?Or say your main thing is you want a really small tablet.Okay, but an iPad is honestly going to be fasterand have better battery life.

Would iPad a less work for you?I mean, how badly do you really need Windows?Okay, say you really need Windows.I totally get that, but then how badlydo you need a device that’s this size.Because if you spend this 750-ish bucksfor the faster Core m3 version of the Surface Go 2 with a keyboard,well, you can get a used or refurbed Surface Pro 6 or 7 that’s going to be way fasterand have a bigger screen for basicallythe same amount of money and just a little bit more.

So this thing is great but you needto ask yourself why you need thisinstead of a faster Chromebook and iPadthat works better as a tablet,a Surface Pro or even an inexpensive Windows laptopfrom Dell or Lenovo or whoever.If you have good answers for why you don’t want any of those things,then hey, welcome to the centerof the Venn diagram with me.

We’re gonna make t-shirts and stuff.If you want a small tabletand it has to run Windows,then lucky for you, the Surface Go 2 does those two things fairly well.It is a nice, tiny tablet.But I think it only makes sensefor a tiny number of people.I also think it’s gadget headswho just wanna tiny, cool,what am I doing?

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