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Hey Guys! Today you are going to use vyprvpn mod apk latest version. We have provided you the latest and updated version of vyprvpn.

This VPN will help you to protect your location. Change your IP according to your choice.

It also give a trial version of 7 Days but this is going to be super amazing when you can use vyprvpn apk free for lifetime.

Don’t worry this is an updated and modified version. It does not contain any type of malware.

So, go and use this VPN for free. If you don’t know more info about vyprvpn then we have provided you most useful information about vyprvpn mod apk.

So, with wasting any time let’s get started.

What is vyprvpn mod apk?

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vyprvpn mod apk is fastest vpn. Well you’ll soon find out there’s more to offer than access to china and a killer logo so let’s start with the basics.

vyprvpn mod apk
vyprvpn mod apk

vyprvpn mod apk is available for all major operating systems even linux. The app installs fast and setting it up is easy.

While there are a lot of good reasons to use vpns most people use them for three main reasons.

  • security
  • privacy
  • streaming
  • Torrenting

So how does vyprvpn mod apk stack up in these three areas time to find out if you’re in a hurry and want a vpn that’s good for china never fear just click on the link that I have provided you below.

Security and Privacy

Security and Privacy
Security and Privacy

Vyprvpn mod apk delivers on security it has a kill switch for desktop features in that firewall offers public Wi-Fi protection and has a malware blocker.

Side note the kill switch isn’t on by default but you can easily switch it on from the settings menu in fact turning security features on and off.

And changing your privacy preferences is extremely easy as vyprvpn mod apk’s interface is well organized and easy to navigate.

Nat firewall

Nat firewall
Nat firewall

My favorite feature is the nat firewall. Not all vpns offer this and that firewall is the vpn equivalent of a bouncer a nightclub it blocks undesirable and unrequested inbound traffic.

It Inbounds traffic from websites can include unauthorized downloads plugins and extensions these types of traffic leave your devices open to malware and hackers which is of course a bad thing.

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This feature is especially useful when you’re using an unsecured network. Like the wi-fi your favorite coffee house or movie theater although you really should have your phone off during the movie.

Don’t be one of those annoying people messaging your tinder date in the middle.

Public Wifi Protection

Wifi Protection
WiFi Protection

 You’ll be protected no matter where you connect. Vyprvpn mod apk is based in Switzerland and owns its own publicly audited servers.

 So there’s less of a chance for DNS ip leaks during testing. I didn’t find any DNS ip or web rtc lakes that is super nice.

Secure protocols

Users can choose from the most secure protocols too options include

  • Open vpn
  • Wire guard
  • Chameleon

In addition to its classics pptp and ip sec wire guard is a fairly new protocol. It offers lightning fast speed and secure connections.

But right now it’s only available on vyprvpn mod apk 4.0 beta version for:

  • IOS
  • Mac
  • Android

Download 4.0 Beta Version

Fastest Speeds

Fastest Speeds
Fastest Speeds

Wire guard and chameleon offer the fastest speeds but they don’t allow manual setup. With open vpn you can customise your connections which is probably why it remains the most used protocol.

We can say that chameleon is a marvel at bursting through geo blocks due to its ability to prevent deep packet inspection.

Allowing you to breeze over the great firewall of china (haha).  

More Extra Features

No logs policy

vyprvpn mod apk’s no logs policy has been independently audited and passed the inspection.

It doesn’t save any ip logs or personally identifiable information. Plus it’s based in Switzerland outside the 14 eyes alliance.

Fast streaming

Vyprvpn mod apk’s blazing fast streaming speeds can. Let’s talk about vyprvpn mod apk for entertainment.

Unblocking Sites

Unblocking Sites
Unblocking Sites

We’ve all gotten that annoying YouTube message that the user hasn’t made this content available in your country. Or Netflix not available screen.

well Say goodbye to that thorny side.

Vyprvpn mod apk Latest version gives you access to YouTube, Netflix hulu, amazon prime video and more.

So grab your popcorn and settle in for a movie marathon.

Unlimited data speed

Unlimited speed

Vyprvpn mod apk has over 700 servers in 70+ countries including several in the US.

It also offers unlimited data speed and bandwidth for up to five devices with one subscription.

During most times of the day the speeds are more than fast enough to stream in ultra HD which is impressive for a vpn with a somewhat limited number of servers.

Unfortunately speeds for its European servers are a bit slow and the best you can hope for during peak hours on any server is SD quality video which is so 90s.

Depending on how far away your desired server is from your tree location you may also experience lag or buffering during gaming or streaming.

Something to keep in mind if you’re a fortnight addict.


You can find a ton of amazing open source and free license books movies and music on the web that can open you up to different genres cultures and rhythms.

To download them you’ll need a secure torrenting site and also a vpn that can keep you anonymous just in case you accidentally down something

So is vyprvpn mod apk torrent friendly? yes and no

Vyprvpn mod apk has the protocols and security to torrent safely and does allow torrenting.

Other p2p activities it also has fast upload and download speeds and doesn’t restrict users with download caps.

The issue lays with the fact that they discourage torrenting. The questions i had about its no log policy make torrenting on vyprvpn mod apk a definite no for me.

Pricing + customer support

Now that we’ve discussed the Pro and Corns of vyprvpn mod apk let’s take a look at pricing and customer support in terms of customer service.

It offers email and live chat support. I was a bit disappointed that i had to enter a full name email and a message before i could talk to a support rep.

vyprvpn mod apk is a bit more expensive compared to some of our top providers. If you want a long-term plan the prices per month significantly decrease with the one or two year plan.

Vyprvpn mod apk also has a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try a premium plan risk-free

It accepts all major credit cards and Paypal but it doesn’t offer payment via crypto currencies.

Which would go a long way with users looking for a completely anonymous experience otherwise known as criminals.

Lets take a look at the some cons and pron of it.


  • No logs policy
  • Discourages torrenting p2p activities
  • Expensive monthly plans


Proprietary chameleon protocol for blocking dpi plus multiple other secure protocol options.

It works excellent for china and the advanced security features include

  • A nat firewall
  • Malware blocker
  • Public Wifi protection
  • Kill switch
  • Unlimited Everything

Overall vyprvpn mod apk has some incredible features that users look for in a vpn.

 A few surprising ones that up user security while browsing the web or completing transactions online.

Vyprvpn mod apk is good for newbies casual gaming and streaming and anyone looking to try out the newest and fastest secure protocols available.

Plus it works wonders in china.

Thanks:) to the recent optimization of its Asian servers. And The use of the proprietary chameleon protocol still there are some things that an alternative provider like surfshark.

It is better for it supports torrenting and even has several servers that are optimized for p2p.

Final Words!

All of this information in Done by hard searching and Deep reading. To keep us motivated share this information with others. Keep visiting our site for more information of vyprvpn mod apk. I hope all of our content will be helpful for you.

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