Youtube Vanced APK 17.05.55 (Rooted+ Non Rooted Supported)

What is Youtube vanced apk? How it is different from original youtube version?

Why should we install youtube vanced instead of youtube.

Well, dear we will explain you all of these things with detail.

Today we all are connected with YouTube. Everyone uses youtube for different purpose.

Youtube is a good platform but it has some features that are very frustrating. For example ads, we cannot play video in background.

Well, now you can enjoy video with no ads and you can also play video in the back by using youtube vanced apk

What is Youtube vanced apk?

Youtube vanced is modified version of original youtube.

It will give you all the paid features of youtube for free.

No, don’t think it is same as youtube.

It is totally different from original youtube.

It includes some amazing features like ads blocking and dark mode.

If you want to use used pro for free then this application can be the best choice.

Features of Youtube Vanced apk

As I told you it is totally different from youtube and its features are also different. Yo are gonna like all of them.

Let’s see what it includes.

1- No ads display

2- Bug Fixed

3- Picture in Picture

4- 4K resolution supported

5- Notification Issue Fixed

6- Background Play

7- Video Error Fix

8- Rooted and Non Rooted Supported

9- Download Support

10- Account Login

I have explained some of its basic feature with step by step guide.

Dark Mode

It has a dark mode feature which is super helpful. How?

Well if you are watching movies or any kind of video in night time then dark mode will keep your eyes safe.

Light colors damage our eyes.

When you install it it is already set into the dark mode.

But if it does not display then follow these step to enable dark mode of youtube vanced.

  1. To to profile
  2. Tap on setting
Tap on setting
  1. Click on general
Click on general
  1. The finally enable dark theme
enable dark theme

Auto Ads Blocking

Watching video with ads is so frustrating and annoying. We cannot enjoy video when ads come again and again.

With ads blocking feature of youtube vanced you watch video with no ads.

By blocking ads you can also safe your mobile data. Cool.

Thanks to its auto ads block feature which will help us to watch video with no ads.

Picture in Picture mode

This feature will help us to play youtube video in the background.

If you are taking notes by watching video then by using this feature you can play video in the background and can easily takes notes. Helpful and Cool feature that safe our lot of time.

How to enable Picture in Picture Mode?

Well It simple.

To enable it just click the Home key of your Device and it will be enabled.

Background Play

You can play all the playlist simultaneously without any hustle by using its background play feature.

By playing video in the background can safe your mobile battery a lot which is super amazing and cool.

When you turn off phone screen then it will stop and when you  turn it on again it will start playing from the time where you turn off it.

Double Tap to Seek

Setting ups double tap feature will enable tapping option.

When you tap on the left side it will play video in the backward.

When you tap on the right side it will play video in the forward direction.

How to enable Double Tap to Seek Feature?

  1. Go to your Profile.
  2. Click on setting Button.
  3. Tap on the General Option
  4. The in last step click on the double tap to seek option
double tap to seek option
  1. Set up your desired time.
Set up your desired time

Watch video in 4K in android

You can watch a 4k video in your android phone by setting up resolution in 4K.

How to set up resolution of video in 4K?

  1. Open your profile.
  2. Click on setting option.
  3. Tap on Vanced Setting option.
Vanced Setting
  1. Go to Video Setting.
Video Setting.
  1. Set up wifi or data.
  1. The set up 4k or any other resolution you want.

This feature will help you to watch video in your desired resolution.

Tip for you.

In order to watch video in 4K you must select wifi option if you have wifi network around you.

Slow internet speed cannot play 4K video smoothly.

Swipe Controls

This feature will enable your swipe option in youtube vanced apk.

By swiping you can increase or decrease the brightness and volume of the video easily.


This feature will only work in landscape mode.

How to turn on swipe controls?

  1. Go to Profile.
  2. Click on setting
  3. Select swipe setting

Setup threshold = 20

How to Install Youtube Vanced in Non Rooted Device?

  1. Go the website Youtubevanced.
  2. Scroll down and click on Non rooted devices.
Non rooted devices
  • Select your version and color combination for your vanced apk.
  • But if you want to connect your google account with youtube vanced apk you need to install MicroG. But if you don’t want to do that you can just install the apk.

What is MicroG?

It is another apk from youtube vanced that will help yo connect your google account with youtube vanced apk.

In order to sign in your account in non rooted devices you have to install MicroG.

Bu if you don’t want to connect your G mail then you don’t need to install it.

How to install youtube vanced in Rooted devices?

  1. Go to website Youtubevanced.
  2. Then scroll download and click on for rooted devices.
  3. Simply click on it and install.
  4. You don’t need to install MicroG in rooted devices.

Final Words

In short words youtube vanced apk will provides you a platform where you can watch youtube video without ads. It is available for both rooted and non rooted devices. If you need any type of help about this application contact us any time. Enjoy Ads free youtube.


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