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Zedge Mod APK

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APP Overview

Zedge Mod APK is a free app that offers you access to a wide range of wallpapers, ringtones and notification sounds. It’s one of the most popular choices for personalizing your Android device’s look and feel. Zedge Premium APK is a free customizable Android wallpaper app. You can customize your own wallpaper with images, texts and quotes, and share them with the world. It also allows you to have the same ringtone on all your devices and change it quickly.

Zedge Premium Features Unlocked

  • Premium Subscription Unlocked
  • No ads
  • Get free wallpapers, ringtones and notifications
  • Customizable ringtones and notification sound sounds
  • Wide variety of live wallpapers
  • Picture browser to browse and install wallpapers
  • Selection of shapes and frames and many more
  • Upload up to 30 photos from your camera roll
  • Change notifications sound or wallpaper on just one device

Table of Contents

App Information

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Zedge Mod APK





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Premium Unlocked/No Ads




May 2021

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Zedge APK for Android

Zedge APK has been a popular app among Android users. Zedge App lets you download free Ringtones, Themes and wallpapers for your Android device. Zedge is a free app that lets you choose wallpapers from a range of categories and apply them to your smartphone. The app provides over 6,000+ images that can be used as wallpaper, including 3D wallpapers, nature wallpapers, abstract artworks and photographs.

Zedge Mod APK

Zedge Mod APK is one of the most popular downloadable ringtones app, which provide huge collection of free ringtones, wallpapers, and notification sounds. Zedge Mod APK allows you to get rid of those annoying lock screen ads and show content that you want to see.

It comes with an extra set of customization options. You can make the ringtone much louder, Use Premium Wallpapers and themes, use premium ringtones, add colorful ringtones and so much more.

Features of Zedge Mod APK

Get free wallpapers

Zedge Mod APK allows you to download free wallpapers and add them to your device for free. Once downloaded you can use them as your wallpaper and set them as your daily wallpaper too.

Zedge Premium APK provides a free option for you to download wallpapers. It offers over 2 million images that you can choose from. You can download multiple wallpaper packs for free that are updated on a regular basis. Once you add a wallpaper to your library, you can add multiple copies of it to use on other devices.

You are always free to browse through Zedge’s catalogue of over 60000 wallpapers from over 150 artists. They are sorted according to wallpaper styles. You can pick a wallpaper from that list and save it to your device. If you want, you can also set the album of a wallpapers to display it on your device.

Huge collection of ringtones

You can customize your smartphone ringtone through Zedge Mod APK. The app allows you to download music, ringtones and set them as notification sounds on your Android device. You can choose from all different tones and customize the different parts, too. Besides, you can have the same ringtone on your tablet as well.

The Zedge Mod APK can deliver high quality ringtones and high quality alarm sounds. If you want to be a part of the social community, you can share the ringtones you own with the rest of the world.

The app has 5 different categories of ringtones, including all popular styles, such as New Wave, Hip Hop, etc. The best part about Zedge Premium APK is that all your favorite ringtones are made available for you to choose from! It’s easy to change and you can preview the changes before saving them.

Cool Notification Sounds

The best feature of Zedge Mod APK is the notification sounds. Whenever you receive a new email, text message, or a call, you will be notified with the sound of a clock to help you ignore the notification. Zedge’s alerts are also loud and clear.

Zedge Mod APK offers its users unique sounds that you can either customize or download from the app’s extensive library of sounds. You can add your own signature sound and customize the sound with your own images, text, quotes and more.

Customize Your Android Wallpapers

With this app you can easily customize your own images or design wallpapers for your phone. You can select and adjust an image or drawing to your liking and then save it in one of three resolutions – large, small and medium. You can even specify different color combinations for all the three sizes.

Amazing Live Wallpapers

You can change your personal background image with some of the most popular live wallpapers out there. Zedge Mod APK offers more than 2,000+ live wallpapers. You will find a huge range of styles, designs and settings in the Live Wallpapers category, but there are also several choices of live wallpapers for the background and text selections.

The first of Zedge´s unique features are the live wallpapers. You can change or use new wallpapers every day. Just touch them and turn them on/off. The image below shows some of the most popular live wallpapers.

Create Audio Playlist

Zedge Mod APK also offers you the possibility to create a custom music playlist. You can add a custom image from the gallery, music and start playing it immediately. It is possible to create 10 or more playlist from the same music composer. You can even use the exact same music as the image to make it unique.

Customized Sounds on Your Wallpaper

And what if you don´t have a picture or a quote to add to your wallpaper? Then you can use a set of sound effects that are available in the app. Select a set of sounds and tap on the quick settings icon to choose a different sound. The faster you tap, the faster the sounds will play. To remove a sound, you need to tap on the audio icon, but there is no option to repeat.

Add Texts on Your Wallpaper

The first is Text on Wallpaper, which allows you to add your own text on your wallpaper. You can add your own quote or text. When you select a quote, you can choose from hundreds of the most beautiful quotes out there, create your own custom text, and share it to Facebook, Twitter or other social network. It is a great way to express yourself.

Set Alarm Tones

Zedge Mod APK allows you to set alarm tones for your device. Zedge gives you quick access to this and lets you choose a specific tone depending on what kind of alarm you have set on your current phone. If you have a mobile alarm, you can choose between three different sounds. Alternatively, you can choose between two ringtones.

Zedge Mod APK also allows you to set a voice message that plays at a specific time. You can either choose a new ringtone for each individual phone or use one for both of them.

Set a Memoji

With Zedge Mod APK, you can make a personalized Memoji.

A Memoji is a 3D character that looks and sounds like you. You can use your own photos, but Zedge also allows you to make your own. You can add animations and adjust your character’s facial expressions to make it your own. The Memoji creation is really simple.

To make a Memoji, go to the setting menu and click on the Customize Memoji button. Then, you simply choose an image from your gallery or download a custom image.

Once you have chosen your image, you can animate the animations and position your Memoji on a scale from 0 to 1, where 0 means no Memoji and 1 means completely made up. You can even give it a personality by changing the Memoji’s gender, and a unique hair color.

Add Stickers to your wallpaper

Sharing stickers is one of the most popular features of the app. If you have a sticker you can send it to someone you know. If you like it, and want to use it on your home screen, the best thing you can do is share it with friends by adding it to your home screen. The possibilities are endless.

Save your Changes

Zedge Mod APK allows you to save the current wallpaper you’re currently using and save your favorite images and ringtones. For example, If you want to change your wallpaper in the next few days, simply click on the “Save changes” button and continue using your wallpaper without any delay.

Zedge Premium APK has an integrated ad free mode and it works in background. You can easily cancel the current wallpaper and have a new one ready. It is the most useful function you can have.

Multiple Types of Categories

Zedge Mod APK allows you to pick from a wide range of categories to select a wallpaper you like. You can choose from pre-defined categories, or you can search for wallpapers by keyword.

Zedge Premium APK has 3 main categories for wallpapers. You can choose from thumbnails of all types of images, such as watermarks, drawings and textures. You can add your own images to the selected images as well. There are categories that include ABCDE, COB, OCEAN, MUSIC, FLASH, FOOT and WEATHER.

Send Images to Anyone

The feature that really makes Zedge Mod APK stand out from its competitors is the ability to send images to your friends. Tap on the text that you want to share and tap on “Share a Picture”. The app will show a photo of the text. You can choose a size, add a caption and hit send. The recipient will receive the photo as a notification and will be able to share it too. Zedge has a lot of stock images.

How to Install Zedge APK in Android?

  • Step1: Open Apk File

    Go to our provide download button and click on the button to download the apk file.

  • Step 2: Required Settings

    Then go to you Phone Setting. Then tap on security. In this page you have to enable unknown source option in order to install an application which is downloaded outside of the play Store.

  • Step 3: Find application

    Then go to your file manager and then search for the file that you have downloaded.

  • Step 4: Installation

    Just click on the application and then click on install button.

  • Step 5: Things to Remember

    Click on the yes button if a pop up opens. Otherwise, you just need to click on install and you have successfully installed your Zedge modded version.

Final Words

Zedge Mod APK is a free customizable Android wallpaper app with the ability to download and download many wallpapers and ringtones. You can have your Android device look completely different. It also allows you to set custom ringtones, SMS alerts, and much more. You can also download them, save them, and set them as an alarm clock.

The Zedge Premium APK is a superb choice when you are looking for an app to customise your Android device.

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